Lab 5- Custom Calculator

Due February 27: choose a type of calculator design
Due March 4: complete implementation


To complete a working online calculator with JavaScript and HTML. You may choose one of several kinds of calculator (shown below) as the basis for your design, or customize the design with specific functions that you would like to implement.

1. Scientific Calculator:
You should implement at least 4 functions in addition to simple arithmetic (+, -, *, /).


2. Morgage Calculator:
Fill in any three fields, and calculate the fourth.


3. Saving Calculator :
All input fields should be non-empty. Generate a table showing the balance for the desired number of years.


4. Base Calculator:
You may implement just four bases (2, 8, 10, and 16), if you accept an input value in any of those bases, and convert it to all of the other bases.



Part A (proposal, due Feb. 27): Choose one of the calculator designs above, or design and create you own with at least four functions or input values. Submit a short description of the calculator that you will build on the Moodle page for Lab 5 Part A. Either refer to one of the 4 example designs, or describe your own design. If you design your own, the proposal should include a picture showing a rough layout of the calculator, and a list of which calculations will be done.

Part B (implementation, due March 4): Submit the HTML file for your calculator, along with any other files that it requires (CSS, JavaScript , or image files), on the Moodle page for Lab 5 Part B.

-- RobertKasper - 2015-02-25

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