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Final Exam

  • Friday, May 20, 10:00-11:50
  • Each student will give a 10 minute presentation on project
  • Include slides covering your design, and significant problems encountered and solved.
  • Include a complete demo.
  • THe project should be on the Wiki, and working.

Sample Projects


Major Project

Each student will need to propose and complete a major final project. The size of the project can vary, based on your programming proficiency. After midterm, students will complete lessons on a daily bases as before, a minimum of 4, until a project proposal is turned in and accepted. Once accepted, the student can focus on the project as long as they come to each class AND show progress consistant with 6-8+ hours a week of work.

Project Milestones (each with a grade)

  1. A initial draft proposal. This should include a general statment of the project goals, a list of system features (requirements).
  2. A final draft proposal. This is refined from #1 and based on a meeting with the instructor. This includes a refined (and complete) set of system requirements. If the sytem is a game or movie, it must include a simply storyboard showing each proposed creen, and the sequence of events, operations. Otherwise it must include a simple graphical mockup of the proposed user interface.
  3. A weekly status report (turned in) and a demo.
  4. A completed system including the project with all code. Due: May 13, 2011
    - Turn in the .FLA code to Moodle
    - Turn in the PowerPoint slides to Moodle
    - Publish the program on the Wiki, at the top of your page.
  5. A demo for the class. Due on Final Exam Day. Friday May 20, 10:00-12:00.
  • The final should include a complete demo, and a 5-minute powerpoint presentation explaining your design, and significant problems solved.
The deadline for the initial-draft is April 20.

The deadline for the Final-draft is April 25.

  • The complete proposal responding to my comments from the initial draft

Some Project Ideas

I would like to see a mixture of both creative grahics, and ActionAcript coding. Here is a nice list of existing projects from which you might get ideas:

Other ideas:
  • A simulated gravity world, possibily a game.
    • For example, the user might position a ball on a surface, and try to get it roll into a particular place. It will perhaps hit hazards, or drop through holes, and speed up as it rolls downhill.
    • Simulation of a Newton's cradle.
    • Roll a car down a hill, and try to jump a gordge without wrecking.
  • Emulate a board game a closely as possible.
  • A network game. Two players interact in the same world.
Useful Information/Ideas:


  • Lesson 4, AFP CS5 - do completely, upload to Hoth (Due Feb 18)
  • Assignment 4 - Create an animated brochure for you major at MVNU. Include:
    • 3 or more items with complex motion tween
    • 2 or more anamated motion within an object that is itself part of a motion tween (like the alien waving his arms in the exercise)
    • 1 or more instances of each of the following:
      • Color/aplha changes within motion
      • eased motion effects
      • Smoothed transitions
      • Tweens that have 2 or more distinct shifts within the motion range.
      • Motion in three dimesions.
    • In general, I want to see lots of things going on!
    • Upload to Hoth
    • In addition to sending the URL to moodle, include a document describing where in you piece each of the previous requirements are realized.
  • Lesson 5, AFP CS5 - do completely, upload to Hoth (Due Feb 23)
    • Do both the crane and the octipus projects
  • Assignment 5 - make a walking/running/dancing person/animal (Due Feb 25)
    • Create a back-ground with some active movement
    • Create a "being" with complete articulation
    • Add articulation features such as easing, smoothing, springiness, resistance, and limits.
    • Include both rotational and sliding articulation.
  • Lesson 6, AFP CS5
  • Assignment 6
  • Assignment 7-8: Complete at least 2 of Assignments 7, 8, 9, or 10 from AFP Book. Due March 20, 2011

Programming Based Assignments

  • Assignnment 9 - ActionScript 3.0 Book, Lesson 1. Do the "Some Suggestions to try on you own" at the end of the chapter. Upload to Wiki (here) two versions, the one in the Lesson, plus the one with the extra features. Due: April 1
  • Assignment 10&11 - ActionScript 3.0 Book, Lesson 2 & 3. Due: April 6
  • Assignment 12 - ActionScript 3.0 Book, Lesson 4. Due: April 8
    • Add a button to paint either retangles or ellipes
    • Add a "+" and "-" button. Each time you hit the "+", the draw sizes increases slightly, "-" likewise causes a decrease in size.
    • Make 5 (or more) buttons each of a different color. Clicking on any one changes thew drawing color to that color.
  • Assignment 12 - ActionScript 3.0 Book, Lesson 5. Due: April 13
    • Add two of your previous projects (one that were not in the book) to the list of embedded projects.
    • Change at least 3 of the pictures, and associated text, to some of your own pictures.
  • Assignment 13 - ActionScript 3.0 Book, Lesson 7. Due: April 17
    • Add one of the following:
      • A two player mode
      • A series of 3 or more games levels
  • Assignment 14 - ActionScript 3.0 Book, Lesson 8. Due: April 27
    • Add each of the following:
      • A two to more text modifying components to the control panel. For example, add justification, line spacing, indentation and character style control.
      • Create a list or menu to select a text file to load.


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