Multimedia Programming Exam 1

Following is a Flash project with several features learned in this course so far.

You goal is to reproduce this project in as much detail as possible. You will be allowed to see this movie before the test, and can prepare by doing it on your own. During the test, how ever, you must recreate this WITHOUT reference to your book, the internet, or notes.You MAY reference the built-in Flash help.


Your grade depends on how closely in features and function your versiopn matches this. I'm not worried about specific shades of colors, or exact shapes. What will matter is if the same types of animation and button function is the same.

There are a total of 100 points possible, with the point assignment given below. The list below account for only 70 points, the other 30 points are for general asthetics, e.g. the look and feel. Essentually, if you do a good job, those 30 points are free!

Graded features with point values:

I will be specifically looking for each of these features:

  1. The star field is made of spinning (identical) stars. (5 pts)
  2. Each star varies slightly in size and brightness as it moves. (4 pts)
  3. The stars appear to move together smoothly from left to right. (4 pts)
  4. The sun has a rough edge (2 pts), varies in brightness (3 pts), and has a burning sunspot (4 pts).
  5. The planet looks like a real planet (3 points)
  6. The planet follows a roughly circular orbit (4 pts), and spins (4 pts).
  7. The planet orbit is slow, taking about 30 seconds (5 pts)
  8. The UFO has a clean, 3-D look. (4 pts)
  9. The UFO button has a flashing beacon on top. (4 pts)
  10. The UFO button lights rotate when the mouse is over it. (5 pts)
  11. The UFO button turns red when clicked. (4 pts)
  12. When the UFO button is clicked, a UFO comes in from the right, flies around the sun, and flies back out the right. (5 pts)
  13. The flying UFO has rotating lights and a flashing beacon on top. (4 pts)
  14. The flying UFO disappears when the sun is clicked. (5 pts)

Turning in

  1. Name your project "Exam1-lastname".
  2. Publish.
  3. Go to: Student Wiki Pages
  4. Click on "Register" and create an account
  5. Go to: Student Wiki Pages again
  6. Click on your name. An editor will open. Hit "save" to return to your page.
  7. Hit "Attach". Upload you swf file, e.g. "Exam1-lastname.swf". Also select the "Create a link to the attached file"
  8. Hit "edit" to edit you page"
  9. Add the following line:
    %EMBEDFLASH{"%ATTACHURL%/Exam1-lastname.swf" width="550" height="400"}%
  10. Save. Your project should now appear in all it's glory!
-- JimSkon - 2011-03-08
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