• Passport
  • Banana Slicer - For our banana slicing needs
  • Luggage: 1 checked bag, 1 carry-on bag, and 1 small personal item as carry-on. Pack your carry-on bag so that you can survive for a couple of days if your checked luggage does not arrive the same time that you do (clothes, toiletries, etc.). Be smart – think light. Remember you have to be able to carry all your own baggage. Delta Airline regulations (subject to change):

    1. Carry-on bag: max: 40 lbs., 45 linear inches (L + W + H)

    2. Checked bag: max: 50 lbs., 62 linear inches (L + W + H) REMEMBER the weight limit when you purchase souvenirs!

    3. Examples of 1 small personal item allowed as carry-on: camera, small briefcase, purse

  • Malaria pills

  • Bible:

  • Mosquito repellent (with as much DEET as possible), “anti-itch”, mosquito netting?

  • Sunscreen (30 SPF or higher)

  • Light clothing: Cotton is best. Nothing real fancy or dress up, the exception being skirts and

blouses (or dresses) for women in placements, schools, and church. Think modest.
  • At least one set of “grubby” or “work” type clothes including shoes for muddy conditions.

  • Swimming suit and casual clothes for being tourists. Think modest.

  • Camera. Use cell phones if possible. They’re smaller. Cell phone reception may be “spotty” in the Toledo District.

  • Sleeping bag and/or pillow or inflatable mattress or sheet (stuffed in with your luggage).

  • A sweater, sweatshirt, or light jacket for any “cool” nights

  • Umbrella and/or rain poncho

  • Toiletries (an iron and/or mirror or two should be brought by group). Bring towels.

  • Any snacks you want to share and remind you of the U.S.

  • Any necessary medications (with prescription bottles). These must be marked because of customs. Anti-diarrheal / upset stomach meds (recommended).

  • Possibly a roll of TP

  • Powdered detergent? (may share)

  • Spending money for souvenirs and any extras you want. Students generally bring $500 - $2,000 range. A small amount of cash may be OK, but it would be smart to convert money into traveler’s checks.

  • I-Pod? (like cameras, these are attractive items for thieves)

  • A small game (for evenings or airports, etc.) and perhaps a couple of paperback books to share with the group.

  • Any items you may wish to leave/donate in Belize (clothing, etc.)

  • Athletic clothing (may have opportunity for volleyball or basketball)

  • Towel, face cloth, etc.

  • Head covering (hats, bandanas, etc.) during prolonged periods in the sunshine

  • Walking shoes or hiking boots

  • Flashlight

  • Sunglasses (Oakley required)

  • Water bottle

  • Plastic bag(s) to place dirty laundry/muddy boots in while in your luggage/suitcase

  • Travel alarm clock

  • Taking a laptop is NOT recommended (cannot guarantee security, etc.). There will be occasional access to internet cafes.



  • There will be a midnight curfew – unless told otherwise.

  • No “dating” Belizeans. Many Belizeans view romance as a ticket to the U.S.

  • Be cautious about giving out your home phone number (land lines) – unless you want some collect calls unexpectedly. Cell phones are becoming very popular in Belize.

  • Don’t invite “strangers” to our rooms.

  • When going out, travel in small groups of 4 or 5 (with at least 1 male). Approval to leave the location MUST be received from your professor(s) before leaving the place where we are staying.

  • Do not attempt to bring any fruit or vegetables back to the U.S.

  • Do not take anything from the reef.

  • BE SENSITIVE TO THE FEELINGS OF OTHERS– not just in our group but especially to our Belizean hosts. THINK before you make a comment, that could offend a Belizean.

  • Remember that you are representing MVNU, God, and yourself while in Belize – be a good representative.

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