Figueroa, Nathaniel Work Log

Date Hours Description of work completed
04-05-2010 .75 Coordinating and meeting with team for next day's presentation.
4-06-2010 1.5 Worked with Dr. Skon on installing Sloodle and fixing httpd.conf file, investigated Imagilearning no-modify bug, purchased and experimented with iTeach demo, contacted support, wrote documentation for Kodigo HUD system.
4-07-2010 2 Read chapter, wrote quiz question.
4-08-2010 4 Called Imagilearning, corrected system issues, met with Kathy and rest of MVNU team on YFC Sandbox. Experimented with SecondLife configuration and explored SecondLife grid, developed Imagilearning Lesson, talked to Dr. Skon.
4-09-2010 4 Week class/lab time.
4-09-2010 12.25 4/9/10 WEEK TOTAL
4-12-2010 1 Prototype work / meeting.
4-13-2010 2 Prototype work / meeting / lab overtime.
4-14-2010 1 Software failures presentation prep.
4-15-2010 3 Attempted to call Ric, worked on SL account, group meeting and setting of group goals.
4-16-2010 .25 Wrote and submitted quiz question.
4-16-2010 5 Week class/Lab time.
4-16-2010 12.25 4/16/10 WEEK TOTAL
4-19-2010 1.5 Emailed team, Developed Twiki documentation, experimented with Sloodle.
4-19-2010 .75 Experimented with Sloodle, developed presentation grid.
4-20-2010 2 Sloodle setup and presentation preparation.
4-21-2010 .5 Read SVN readings.
4-22-2010 1 Attended informational meeting on YFC and SecondLife .
4-23-2010 5 Week class/lab time.
4-23-2010 10.75 4/23/10 WEEK TOTAL
4-26-2010 1.25 Called Ric, investigated games described in his emails, met with team, explored links/places offered in Ric's emails.
4-27-2010 2 Investigated journaling tools, Ric's games lists, and presentation prep.
4-29-2010 .5 Talked to Ric Robinson about his experience, tools, and resources to take note of.
4-30-2010 5 Week class/lab time.
4-30-2010 8.75 4/30/10 WEEK TOTAL - Seems like there should have been more here, but I'm not sure if I'm forgetting to account for anything...
4-3-2010 1.5 Worked on journaling tool for Sloodle and twiki updates.
4-04-2010 3.5 Developed implementation for journaling tool (~3 hours). Introduced Brian Miller to Second Life and YFC island.
5-07-2010 3.0 Prepared slideshow presentation, updated requirements document, worked on original game concept for Monday's meeting.
5-04-2010 5.0 Week class/lab time.
5-07-2010 13.0 5/7/10 WEEK TOTAL.
5-10-2010 3.75 Worked on journaling tool, met with group, developed original game example.
5-12-2010 .5 Met with group and worked on presentation planning.
5-23-2010 4.5 Finished development of journaling tool, modified Pollster tool to email results to YFC, met with group and prepared final presentation.
5-14-2010 4.5 Week class/lab time.
5-14-2010 13.25 5/14/10 WEEK TOTAL (Including 5/23 work which was work for this week in anticipation of final's week)
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