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This version of the documentation will only cover functionality that has been completed within this beta version of the software. This software is a boxing simulation system that allows you to train statistical values, set up strategic plans, and join events and compete versus another player. This will be a guide to explain how you will setup the system in the current state by installing the jar files, setting up the mysql, and uploading the php files.

You need to load the empty mysql file which is provided with the system. It will load a database which has tables of user, fighter, stats, skills, strategies, events, and results. These are all the tables used for the system to run. You will then need to load into your game directory which will be hosting the game all of the files which are mma.jar, main.php, my.php, figher.php, event.php, eventfights.php, and result.php these are all of the pages that will display information you need.

You will also need to load the driven.php which is the php file that the cronjob runs when the event time is ready. You need to create a cronjob which will hold all the event dates that need to be run. The game loads events that you have set from cronjobs by running the driven.php at the exact time the cron job is ran. This will in turn load the fights from the database of that event getting each fighters id and loading it in as an argument when the mma.jar is ran. This will run the simulator and then post the result into the database.

These are all the files and setup files you need to load the game and start using it. The game is based off all the users and how active they are. The game gathers data from users to build a realistic feeling environment for them. Once you load the database, setup the cronjobs and then load the html files you have a fully functional game which now just needs players.

-- JacobLashley - 2010-05-03

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