Possible questions:

Is the project already started?

How was it originally designed? Is it supposed to be web based?

What is its purpose?

Is this meant to be a system for assessing a couple’s strengths and weaknesses or a teaching tool for a better relationship?

Does it need to take into account number of children, adoption, income, divorce, siblings, career, sexual orientation, Christian or not?

Should there be different sets of questions for different types of couples?

Does it have to be a couple or can a single person take it?

Will a couple be answering the questions jointly or individually?

Is it meant to be taken more than once and compare results?

Will cultural factors be taken into consideration?

Will a person's upbringing need to be taken into consideration? single parent home, traditional...etc

What fields need to be included on the form?

Does the form need to be able to connect questions to each other?

How many questions are already in the system?

What types of information will be provided for editing questions that already exist?

Will questions only be edited manually or will multiple questions be automatically updated?

Are there any special cases that would not follow normal question or answer patterns?

Do new questions need to follow any guidelines? How much error checking or sanitizing should be done?

Can questions be erased?

Does the creation or updating of a question affect other questions or anything else in the system besides the target question?

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