CSC2024 Computer Science II


TOPIC: Changing ADT implementation


  1. To modify the List ADT from assignment 3 to use linked-lists rather then arrays.
  2. Modify List to maintain the list in Sorted Order by time.
  3. Add Comments, including complete pre/post conditions one every method.
  4. To learn how an implementation can be independent of interface.


The list ADT from assignment 3 used arrays. You are to modify the List ADT implementation only so that it uses linked lists to achieve the same functionality. Since the functionality will not change, no other code should need to be changed in order to change the implementation.

Also make the List code always maintains the list is sorted order by Time.

Functional Definition

  1. Modify the List object so that it uses a linked list of Entries, rather then a storing them in an array. Only change the List implementation – e.g. hide the changes from the rest of the program.
  2. Store the data in the linked list in sorted order.

Turn the following into Moodle as separate files:.

1. All source code;

2. Captures of enough runs to demonstrate every function.

3. A one-half to one page report describing your experience doing this assignment. Be sure to include a discussion of any problems you encountered and what you did to overcome them; also, what you feel you learned or how you benefited from this assignment.

-- JimSkon - 2011-04-11

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