I think this is a great project! Good start!

-- AndrewVarner - 2011-09-15


The Grade book app is being designed for Apples iOS and use with the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. The development environment will be Objective C. The App would be designed largely for use by professors and teachers. Other stakeholders would be any students that are tracked using the app. The app should provide a fully functional grade book capable of replacing a Paper grade book. It should have the ability to cover the grades for multiple classes and many students per class. It should keep track of individual assignments and calculate percentages for individual assignments, overall grades, and class averages.


The basic interface should begin with a selection screen that would allow preexisting classes to be chosen or new classes to be added. The classes would be listed by name and could be separated into categories such as semesters. Once selecting the class it would bring up a new screen which would default to showing a class list and allowing students to be added or selected. From here there would be a button that would switch to an alternate view that would show a list of the assignments. From here new assignments could be added. The students would have several categories, including, name, percentage, assignments, total points and letter grade. The grade scale should be designed to be adjustable to the letter scale that the teacher is using. Each Assignment would have a due date, a total grade, an average score, and a brief description.


Using Object C and programming for the iPhone means that a Mac will have to be used for development. In addition there will need to be hardware for testing that app on an iPhone, iPod, or iPad. The software should be very easy to grasp and should remind the user of a traditional paper grade book to make it easier to use. The development will need to be finished by the end of the school year.


I have over 5 total years of programming experience and over 3 years experience with c++. I also have a semesters experience with Objective C. I have experience with both gradebooks and iPhone apps. My database knowledge is a limitation, but I am working to resolve the gap in my knowledge through the database class that I am currently taking. The other limitation is my inexperience with working on a project of this scale.

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