This looks like a great project. I'll see if I can come up with an android for you to use.

Gregory Kindle

Senior CAP Proposal


I will be designing an Android mobile application that can be used to keep score and statistics at basketball and volleyball games. This will be geared towards someone who is running a small league at a church or school. They will use it to keep track of stats and the score during the game. This could also be used by parents to keep track of their kid’s statistics.


The main function of this application is that the user will be able to assign different statistics to certain players. The user will have the option to give all players stats such as free throw attempted, free throw made, two-pointer attempted, two-pointer made, three-pointer attempted, three-pointer made, rebound, foul, steal, assist, and block. The team score will also update whenever a made basket is assigned to a player.

There will also be avaliable functionality to keep score for a volleyball game with the application keeping track of how many games have been won by each team and will give an alert when a game is over.

Before each game the user can either import the team rosters from their computer or enter the names in automatically. There will also be an option to export the stats after each game to a computer in CSV format for easy sorting in Excel.


  • I do not have an android device to test the application on,
  • I have never programed for an android device but it is similar to what I am used to in C++
  • It is hard to tell at the beginning how much time it will take to make this application and if I will be able to finish it.

I have been programming in C++ for over three years now. I have also worked with databases extensively which will be useful when deciding how to set up the statistics and how they are stored. I have extensive experiene with SQL which will be very helpful when desgining a database to store the statistics and when writing SQL to pull certain statistics. I am limited in my knowledge of Android applications but since it is similar to what I am familiar with I do not think it will take too long to learn how to do it. I will also start my project by reading about Android applications and looking at examples of code so that I can become familiar with how they are written.

-- GregoryKindle - 2011-09-14

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