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-- JoshTennefoss - 2011-09-15

Project Proposal and Scope

  1. Introduction and Scope

The objective of the system I plan to develop will be to record outcomes and participants of a competition and give statistics about winning and losing records.

The program will run on the android operating system.

The users will be anyone with android device who is interested in getting statistical data about the results of competitions.

  1. Functional Description

Primary functionality goals

  • The program will retrieve a list of contacts from the devices contacts, if applicable, or simply create its own custom profile for a specific player to keep track of them over time.
  • The program will accept input about the players involved in a competition and the outcome of the competition and store it on the device.
  • The program will retrieve stored data and give statistics based on the specified parameters (by game type, by person, ect.).
  • The program will have a understandable and convienient user interface.
  1. Constraints

  • Time – probably the most significant constraint will simply be finding the time to implement the goals.

  • Knowledge/skills – I have not worked with databases (am in class now though) or with communicating device to device (for sync goal).

  • Artistic design – The layout, design, and graphics of the app, as far as aesthetic look and feel, are not my strong point.

  1. Personal Qualifications/Limitations

I have worked with c++, objective c, and actionscript on numerous projects. While these skills may not directly apply (since I will be using Java), the experience and knowledge will apply to designing and building the project, solving problems and debugging, and simply programming in general. I have not worked with databases much as of yet, however I am currently in Database Management Systems where I will be learning about database systems and use.

I have worked with the android operating system and have designed and built an app which is currently in production.

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