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This is version 1.3 of the Unified Network Server Appliance for Belize Schools Requirements.

  • Version 1.3 has revised and expanded System Architecture Diagrams and New SysArchDiag Page.
  • Version 1.2 has revised and expanded the System Requirements.
  • Version 1.1 has revised and expanded the User Requirements along with some spelling errors corrected.
  • Version 1.0 is a basic overview to be fleshed out in the future.


The system is for use of students and teachers in Belize schools. The internet in Belize is very slow and they have very little technology. This system will help increase the usefulness of the limited bandwidth that the schools have available. In addition it will provide some much need computer based systems for the teachers to use.

User Requirements Definition --REVISED

This system is designed to provide internet cashing, a local Wikipedia cache, a student information system, and a file hosting system. This will be used for the current labs and computers in Belize. The system needs to be very easy to use for both the students and teachers. In addition the system is meant to be easily sustained and maintained by persons with limited technical knowledge. To fulfill the ease of maintenance objective there needs to be and easy to understand fall back plan in the case of failure of any one piece of the system.

  • Local Wikipedia cache
    • This would be a server possibly conjoined to another service on a virtual machine. This would serve the local area network with a searchable interface for information. This site would be exactly set up as the current Wikipedia server available online. The updates would be sent periodically with new revisions of the system setup.
    • Student information system
  • This system would be also in a virtual machine environment to serve a database with student records. This service is being furnished outside the scope of this project and our guarantee only furnishes a safe virtual machine and network connectivity to the local area network.
  • File hosting system
    • This service is being virtualized in the main server to provide users in the local area network to have a data repository. This service is being furnished outside the scope of this project and our guarantee only furnishes a safe virtual machine and network connectivity to the local area network.
  • PfSense NAT
    • This is an existing service being provided by an outside source. This device will cache data, shape bandwidth, and block internet websites. The configuration is set up to allow data from the outside internet to pass through this virtual machine and out onto the local area network.
  • Easy to use
    • Sustainability
    • Maintenance
    • Failover
    • Easy to understand documentation
  • Provides Wired and Wireless access to all of the services
System Architecture

The System is going to be run on a Core2Duo laptop with 6GB of ram. The operating System used, at least initially, will be Windows 7 x64. The virtual machine software of choice is going to be Virtual Box. Other hardware being used is the Cisco Valet wireless router as a NAT and a modem/router provided by BTN for internet connectivity. All of the individual services will be run virtually on the host OS. PfSense will be used for the web cashing and bandwidth management. OpenSIS is going to be used for the student information system. FreeNas is the system that has been chosen for file hosting.

For System Architecture Diagrams: SysArchDiag

System Requirement Specification --REVISED

Needed Specifications

  • Hardware
    • Dell Latitude E6400
      • Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz
      • 500GB Hard Drive -$90
      • 500GB Backup Hard Drive -$90
      • Secondary Drive Caddy -$15
      • 2X2GB DDR2 Memory -$75
      • Software needed
        • Windows 7
        • Microsoft Security Essentials
        • Virtual Box
        • HWMonitor
        • Prey (possible)
    • Cisco Valet M10
      • DD-WRT (File attached)
  • Software

    • PfSense NAT - Kevin and Mary (Finished)
      • Will be allocated Core 0 and 1GB of ram
      • Optimized for internet speeds from 400kbps to 1Mbps
      • Must be received from Dr. Skon.
    • Wikipedia - Tyler (Finished - Wiki needs built)
      • Will be allocated portion of Core 1 with undecided amount of ram up to 1GB.
      • Preferably 512 MB of RAM.
      • Must be received from Tyler Nelson.
    • OpenSIS - Jim Lahm (Status Unknown)
      • Will be allocated portion of Core 1 with undecided amount of ram up to 1GB
      • Preferably 512 MB of RAM.
    • Samba/FreeNas
      • Will be allocated portion of Core 1 and 512MB of ram
      • Must be received from Dr. Kasper's Class.
Functional Requirements
  • Network Setup
    • All traffic both wired and wireless must connect through the Cisco Valet M10
    • All traffic is directed through PfSense running on the Dell E6400 VIA Cisco Valet M10
    • Both the Cisco Valet M10 and the Dell E6400 are connected with one connection each to the provided
  • Dell E6400
    • Must be able to run under full load without overheating
    • Must be able to handle a full lab of computers (~20) load without noticeable slowdown
  • Weekly Backups must be available for all Data and Virtual machines
Nonfunctional Requirements
  • Documentation
    • Is to be in PDF format with Screen Shots and text
    • PSR is to be used to record system interaction in Windows 7
    • All documentation must be complete and understandable with the equivalent of 10th grade education
  • The system needs to be as close to fully functional as possible by March 16, 2012.
    • Hardware - Fully functional
    • Software - Computer Loaded and running PfSense
  • Reliability
    • Must be able to recover from any single point of software or hardware failure
UML Use Cases for Project

For System Architecture Diagrams: KevUseCaseDiag

For System Architecture Diagrams: AndUseCaseDiag

For System Architecture Diagrams: JakUseCaseDiag

System Model

-- AndrewVarner - 2012-02-25

-- KevinAdams - 2012-03-11

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