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Current Overall Status Statement

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Weekly Goals

Give a list of specfic goals for each week by the start of that week. At the end of that week sum up the progress

Week of List of Goals Status of Goals
02-14-2011 1. Update Design Docs
2. Prototype Backend Framework
3. Set up MySQL db's
1. Updated
2. Created framework for filesystem and user accounts
3. Done
02-21-2011 1. Create sample user collection
2. Prototype Collection Module
1. Done.
2. 50% - created scripts to query users collection.
2-28-2011 1. Prototype music player
2. Prototype UI
1. Done.
2. Player & Collection integrated. Total UI: 20%
(Prototypes are done)
3-07-2011 1. Collection Management
1. Collection management (30%).

03-14-2011 1. Collection Management
2. Refine UI
1. Collection Management Update function complete.
2. UI (40%)
03-28-2011 1. User Authentication 1. Created user creation function. (80%)
2. Prototyped PHP Session authentication. (80%)
3. Created Login page. (90%)

Risk Management

Risk Identification

Risk type Possible Risks
Technology Reliability of Server. Bandwidth for streaming.
People User's errors
Organizational Music Rights
Tools Speed and efficiency of jQuery / AJAX.
Requirements Security of DB.
Estimation N/A

Risk analysis and Prioritisation

Risk Probability Effects
Insecurity of DB and application data. Moderate Catastropic
User errors High Tolerable
Speed of jQuery / AJAX Moderate Tolerable
Music Rights Infraction Low Serious

Risk management strategies

Risk Strategy
Insecurity of DB and application data. Implement traditional JavaScript / PHP / MySQL data protection techniques.
User errors Make system robust and ignore faulty input.
Speed of jQuery / AJAX Optimize or Minimize AJAX requests while following security standards. Optimize jQuery selectors and minimize DOM manipulation.
Music Rights Infraction Implement security measures. Prevent users from downloading music. Allow limited/no sharing of music between user accounts.

Risk Reduction Activities

Specific Activities Planned of activities to address top risks

Risk Mitigation Activity Start Date Hours Alloc % Done Finish Goal Date Done Current Status/Outcome
Insecurity of DB Research and implement traditional security techniques 2-21-2011 2 20% 05-20-2011   Reading book on AJAX security. Implementing SQL injection prevention while developing.
User errors Robust and ignore faulty input 2-14-2011 10 10% 05-20-2011   Implementing standard coding practices. Testing faulty input as developing.
Speed of jQuery / AJAX Optimize / Minimize AJAX requests. Optimize jQuery selectors 2-14-2011 10 10% 05-20-2011   Standard iterative development practices. Course-grained client/server API. Optimize jQuery.
Music Rights Infraction Implement security measures. Prevent users from downloading music. Allow limited/no sharing of music between user accounts.     0% 05-20-2011   Pending. Create secure user interface later in development.

-- JimSkon - 2011-02-10

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