Debate Topics

Consider the following topics. Your assignment is to fill in up to two more topics, and then prioritize from 1 (highest) to 5 (lowest). Only pick up to 5.

Topic Description priority
Death Penalty Should the death penalty be used as a form of punishment in the US? 4
Beginning of Life: Abortion Should First Term Abortions be Legal in the US?  
Affirmative action Affirmative action is acceptable in the hiring practices of business to promote better race equity in employment 1
Euthanasia Euthanasia is justifiable in terminally ill cases  
Affluent Life styles Actively seeking an affluent lifestyle (upper 1%) is appropriate in a world with scarcity. 3
Same-sex unions Same-sex unions should be legalized.  
School Funding It is unjust for per-student funding of US public schools to differ significantly based on the affluence of the schools community? 2
The ethics of global vs national policy Should the USA focus first and foremost on internal goals, or consider the needs of the larger world equally? Consider the fairness of Natural Resource utilization, consumption, and distribution. 6
Capitalism Which makes more sense – economics where the wealth of a fraction that live extravagantly “trickles down” to create job opportunities for those below, or a world where the economic differentiation is more limited, and economic differentiation is limited.  
Terrorism and allocation of national resources Does the treat of terrorism justify the trillions spend to mitigate it, considering other needs nationally and internationally (education, energy, climate change, poverty and hunger) 5
Global Politics and aid Is it right for the USA to stipulate moral or cultural requirements for a country to receive aid.  
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