Requirements Specification Template

Use this as a framework for your requirement specification

1 System Context & Scope

Define the setting of the system, and the overall operational goals and limits

1.1 Scope of the System

1.2 Workflow Partitioning

1.3 Product Boundary

1.4 Use Case List

2 Functional and Data Requirements

Define the functions of the system.

2.1 Functional Requirements.

2.2 Data Requirements.

3 Look, Feel and Use Requirements

Define the User Interface

3.1 User Interface Requirements

3.2 Style Of The Product Requirements

3.3 Ease Of Use Requirements

3.4 Ease Of Learning Requirements

4 Performance Requirements

Give estimates of the system load, and the needed performace and reliability needs

4.1 Speed Requirements

4.2 Safety Critical Requirements

4.3 Precision Requirements

4.4 Reliability and Availability Requirements

4.5 Capacity and Scalability Requirements

5 Operational Requirements

In what system context will the solution operate. What other systems will interact with this system.

5.1 Expected Technological Environment Requirements

5.2 Partner Applications & Interfaces Requirements

5.3 Supportability Requirements

5.4 Maintainability and Portability Requirements

6 Security Requirements

Specify the required security needs.

6.1 System Confidentiality Requirements

6.2 Data Integrity Requirements

6.3 Audit Requirements

7 Legal Requirements

8 Standards Requirements

9 Off-the-Shelf Solutions Requirements

What are the requirements of existing software that will be used or adpated for this system.

9.1 COTS System Solutions Requirements

9.2 Ready-Made Components Requirements

10 Constraints and Assumptions

10.1 Solution Constraints

10.2 External Factors

10.3 Assumptions

11 Future Requirements


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