Reserch Project Question Suggestions

It is IMPORTANT that we are sensitive in how we ask the questions, and the types of questions. We do NOT want to embarrass someone for having little means, nor infer that we are better, richer, etc. Try to ask questions that are not about our differences, or about comparing themselves with others, or questions that would directy or indirectly relate to a persons financial resourses.

Some suggestions for those of you struggling with ideas:

  • Questions about how they get software (like MS office) and whether they purchased a license. If they don't have a license, how do they feel about this?
  • Questions about how they get music, and if they pay for it.
  • Questions about what applications they use (productivity, games, social networking, etc), and how many hours per week.
  • Questions about the types of computers they have (laptops, desktops, tablets), how many in their house, brands, age of systems, if it is fast enough, reliable.
  • Question about what they do if their computer breaks, where they take it, how expensive it is to fix it.
  • Questions about how many cells phones in the household, cost per month, minutes and texts per month.
  • Questions about the importance of computers, cell phones, TV, games systems in their life.
  • Questions about game systems (ownership, type, games played, owned)
-- JimSkon - 2011-12-16
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