Things to Reflect On in Software Engineering

1. What do you think are the two or three most important things you learned in this course? Why?

Teamwork - help each other, focus.

Organization of the group. Need to make sure work is getting done. Staying in contact is import.

Respect for requirements

Documentation - Document what you learned.


2. What was your biggest problem/mistake in this course? What did you learn from it?

Additude toward project - Dont's be too quick to judge, don't be afraid of ambiguity.

Not really understanding the project requirements. Underestimating Project Size.

MIsunderstanding the requirement - deadends. Dig deeper.

3. What aspect/topic of the class did you think was the least valuable/useful? Why?

Talked about security too much.

Quizzes, talking about theory, spend more time on project discussion.

Two many presentations and meeting with customers. Less or shorter

4. What was your biggest surprise in this course?

So much work!

How much documentation was done.

How little code was written. Not much team coding.

5. How would you change this course to make it better?

More guidance from Professor from start. On the requirements gathering process.

Have more controlled project enviornment. Make sure to include more well defined SE specifc activities in the project.

-- JimSkon - 2010-05-14

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