Risk Management for Team N Project

Risks Found

  1. First Risk
  2. Second Risk
  3. Third Risk ! ...

Risk Identification

For each of the risk found, classify each by type (some may be in more than one class)


Risk type Possible Risks
Technology 1 ,3

Risk analysis

Evaluate each risk

Risk Probability Effects
First Risk ... Moderate Tolerable
Second Risk ... Low Insignificant

Risk management strategies

Decide how to manage each risk.

Risk Strategy
Requirements may never be specified fully enough. Follow strict requirements elicitation guidelines.
System may not be secure enough and sensitive data be lost. Thoroughly understand security needs and thoroughly understand our system.
System may exceed budgetary means Develop an accurate estimation of development costs and adjust accordingly.
System development may exceed deadline Strictly adhere to set schedule and adjust accordingly.
System may not have the capacity to meet traffic needs Consult with YFC team members and develop predicted growth rate of YFC ministry and structure requirements to be ready to handle more than predicted need.
System may overshoot realistic needs and be too large for practical use Customize system to be usable by only a few students and teachers when necessary.
Lesson scoring and feedback system may not meet users needs Follow procedures for specifying requirements carefully and use an adequate validation process.
SecondLife teaching tools may not be secure enough Research weaknesses in objects created in SecondLife and ensure there is no way for students to take advantage of these.
Users may find system inadequate Get input from users about ideas before any large amounts of time are devoted to develop an idea.
Students may find system uninteresting Get input from the other people on development team if what is being worked on seems to be going in a good direction and if they would use it. Get input from YFC members and maybe present some small demo's that could allow them to see what is to come and if they would keep using what little has been made.
System may violate Linden policies Read the documentation provided by Linden about the policies the second life has you accepted when becoming a user.
System may be unreliable and crash Make sure to test on different machines and accounts. Make good decision on layout of the requirements.

Risk Reduction Assignments

Assign Team members to address risks

Specific Assignments of activities to address top risks

Risk Assigned Task Team Member(s) Hours Alloc % Done Finish Goal Date Done Current Status/Outcome
Someone could die if the system crashes. Rewrite all code in Lisp, then move to China. Bill Yeakus. 5 10% 2012-05-03    

Risk monitoring

Report on status of risk at least each week.

Risk Date Assessment Comments, Plans
Massive Explosion/
Black Hole
2012-10-30 Hasn't happened yet, thank the Lord!
We will keep our corporate fingers crossed.

-- JimSkon - 2010-02-17

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