Homework 6

Code Walk-thru

Due May 5, Lab Time


To come to lab prepared to do a walk-through on a routine you have developed.You should pick a routine that is 20-50 lines. Pick your best.

The review walk through should take about 5 minutes, with a few minutes more for disussion depending on the number of questions, comments, or issues discuovered.


Create a slide presentation that includes:

  1. Requirements for the routine
  2. Overview of the design (e.g. how are you design a routine to meet the requirements)
  3. Expected usage of routine (where will it be used and for what?
  4. The code with line numbers (big enough to read, use as many slides as to need)
  5. List of external calls - a list of libraries or moduals call BY this code. What does this code expect from these calls (requirements)

The Walkthrough

  1. two other students will be selected by the instructor to facilitate, and to scribe.
  2. The Facilitator will read the code, line-by-line.
  3. The class will interact, finding problems
  4. The code writer will give explanations as needed.
  5. The scribe will send the list of issues to the author, and the instructor. Include, for each comment, the line number(s), and the issue of concern.
Author Moderator Scribe
David Mc Peak Collin Shawler Joseph Kadrich
Benjamin Yake Joseph Kadrich Chandler Strouse
Collin Shawler Benjamin Yake Chase Tennant
Chandler Strouse Jared Phillips
Dean Wasil
Dean Wasil Chandler Strouse Aaron Motley
Chase Tennant Cameron Davidson
Jared Phillips
Aaron Motley Trevor Boardman Benjamin Kindle
Trevor Boardman Chase Tennant Collin Shawler
Jared Phillips Brandon Cooper Trevor Boardman
Eric Roby
Dean Wasil Cameron Davidson
Cameron Davidson David Mc Peak
Benjamin Yake
Brandon Cooper Benjamin Kindle Eric Roby
Joseph Kadrich Aaron Motley Brandon Cooper
Benjamin Kindle Eric Roby David Mc Peak
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