Final Project Presentation Requirements

The presentation slides of the project, and the product and the documentation will be delivered on Tuesday, April 20, 2016.


Deliverables due:

A reference to the GitHub
  • Proposal Requirements Specification
  • System Architecture
  • User and System Documentation
  • All System source code
  • All other project related files
  • The Final Presentation Slides

Presentation Expectations

The presentation will be 30 minutes in length.

Part 1: Product Presentation
Each team has 15 minutes to give a presentation of the product they have developed. The following issues should be covered:
  1. Describe in general terms the functionality and structure of your system (from the user's point of view).
  2. Describe you system in architectural terms.
  3. Explain the main flow of events during typical usage.
  4. Explain what parts of the requirements (if any) that you have not implemented, and explain why.
  5. Give a demonstration of the system, focusing on the most important functionality.
  6. Suggest possible improvements and additional functionality.
  7. Discuss how you have prepared your system for easy maintenance and upgrading.
Part 2: Project Reflection
Each group has 10 minutes to give a presentation that captures the experience of the project. The following issues should be covered:
  • Result
    • How many of the requirements are implemented (completely, partially, not implemented).
      • Give an estimate of the cost (manhours) to finish incomplete requirements.
      • Give a estimate of the risks associated with each incomplete or undone requirement
    • Explain significant differences between the initial requirements and the final product.
      • What caused the changes?
    • Present the total cost of the project and compare with your initial estimation (manhours).
  • Planning, workload and milestones
    • Planned and actual workload (distribution over the activity, and distribution over the weeks)
    • Which milestones were reached in time and which were delayed (accuracy).
  • Comments about the project management, for example regarding work distribution (all members involved in all activities, or not), internal meetings, communication within the group.
  • Reflections on Improvement Possibilities
    • What could have been done in a better way.
    • What problems have you encountered, and what steps could be taken not to encounter them again in the future.
    • Positive experiences: Techniques or methods that have proven successful
    • Lessons learned: What significant lessons will be carried forward
  • Conclusions and sum-up
5 minutes is reserved for questions after the presentation.
Each member of a group should do something during the group’s presentations!

Presentation Evaluation Matrix




The presentation introduced the project purpose and objectives
clearly at both the user level and the IT professional level.


The overall system requirements were clearly presented.


The system architecture was clearly presented.


The system demo was well done, and provided good insight into
system purpose, operation and current state.


The System Requirements were correlated with the final project state,
with matrix showing fulfilment completeness of each requirement.


The presenter responded effectively to questions posed by the audience.



The presentation considered the requirements that were and were not
implemented, and the costs of completion.


The Presentation included a quality overview and reflection of the workloads.


The presentation included a reflection of successes and failures, and what
lessons were learned in the participation of the project.


The presentation included a quality conclusion.



The presentation was well organized, in logical sequence, easy for
participants to follow.


Each team member fully participated in the presentation, and all
parts fit together smoothly.



Quality Audio-visual resources were incorporated and used effectively.


Enthusiastic, interesting presentation,


The presentation was in a clear and easy to understand voice; speaks
easily, not haltingly


Individual Participation

Individual Participation Points




Comments :

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