January Activities

The goal of the January classes in Belize is to identify and do initial requirements specification and risk analysis of possible team projects for the course.

The group will be broken into two or three teams.


First Name is team lead. He is responsible for making sure everything is documented, and more.

Team 1

Team One Members
Logan Mullet
Joshua Selle
Les Johnstone
Federico Rosado

Team One Project Documentation

Team 2

Team 2 Members
Luke Skon
Michael Ketchel
Luis Herrera

Team Two Project Documentation

Team 3

Team 3 Members
Jason Radcliffe
Trent Porter
Alberto Matus
Josh A.

Team Three Project Documentation

Activity Goal

Project Proposals: The goal is for each group to identify and and do preliminary analysis on 2 to 3 unique projects that can serve a team projects for the course. Each proposal should be for a project with the following parameters:

  1. Be sized so that the analysis, design, prototyping (programming, setup), testing, and documentation can be completed in about 200-300 total man hours.
  2. Utilize hardware and software technology available either here at SHJC or MVNU over the next 4 months.
  3. The required skill set should be within the reasonable grasp of some of the students in the course.
  4. It would be desireable for the project to be of some value to SHJC, MVNU, or other related entity (schools, church, service organization)


  1. Brain Storming
    • 3-5 projects per group.
    • Write each up as a page or more.
    • Post on wiki
    • Due Friday Jan 24
  2. Requirements Specification
    • Select only 2 or 3 projects for this and following steps
    • Create list of system stakeholders
    • Interview stakeholders
    • Create list of system requirements based on stakeholder interviews
    • Refine specification, resolving conflicts, inconsistancies, and gaps
    • Due Tuesday Jan 28
  3. Risk Analysis
    • Identify risks to success
    • Classify each risks as Technology, People, Organizational, Tools, Requirements, Estimation
    • Estimate the likelihood of each risk (low, med, high), and the cost of each risk (minimal, minor, moderate, high, show stopper)
    • Due Tuesday Jan 29
  4. Project Prioritization
    • Order projects based on value, likelihood of success, interest by participants
    • Write a paragraph for each explaining ordering
    • Due Tuesday Jan 31
  5. Project selection and assignment
    • Will be done as an entire class.
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