Quiz 2 (Chapter 4)

Only 1-2 pages of personal notes allowed during quiz:

1. What is the point of requirements validation?

Requirements validation is the process of checking that requirements actually define the system that the customer really wants.

2. Name, and describe 2 (of the 5 given in the text) specific types of checks that should be carried out on the requirement.

  1. Validity checks A user may think that a system is needed to perform certain functions. However, further thought and analysis may identify additional or different functions that are required. Systems have diverse stakeholders with different needs and any set of requirements is inevitably a compromise across the stakeholder community.
  2. Consistency checks Requirements in the document should not conflict. That is, there should not be contradictory constraints or different descriptions of the same system function.
  3. Completeness checks The requirements document should include requirements that define all functions and the constraints intended by the system user.
  4. Realism checks Using knowledge of existing technology, the requirements should be checked to ensure that they can actually be implemented. These checks should also take account of the budget and schedule for the system development.
  5. Verifiability To reduce the potential for dispute between customer and contractor, system requirements should always be written so that they are verifiable. This means that you should be able to write a set of tests that can demonstrate that the delivered system meets each specified requirement.
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