Software Time And Cost Estimate Exercise

You are a project team leader at SoftComp , LLC, a software company. As a project team leader, you have worked for several years designing, building, and delivering software solutions for a variety of applications. Now is you big chance! Mr. Edgers, the senior partner, has come to you with a RFP (request for proposal). He found out about it just yesterday, and he really wants to get this project, but the deadline for bids is TOMORROW!

He saids, "Tony ( your name), I need a bid on this, tomorrow morrning. We need to make money on it, but we also need to just get it, so make it as low as possible without risking us losing money. I need a cost estimate, and a time estimate for your team to build (assuming no other projects).

Request for proposal

System requirements

What is needed is a system to manage inventory and online web based sales of products at a small internet storefront that sells RC Plane products. The company has about 1000 different products, and plans to grow to 2,000 products in the next five years. The company sells about 300 items a day to about 100 different customers, and has a total customer base of 5,000 customers, with a growth rate of 10% new customers a year.

The company needs a complete system to manage online sales and inventory.

Your Team

  • Tony ( you) - MySQL , Ajax, PHP, C++ JavaScript . 10 Years experience. $55,000 a year
  • Sally - C++, Java. 1 Year Experience. $38,500 a year.
  • Ned - PHP, MySQL , Perl, 4 Years experience $46,500 a year.
  • Ralph - Python, HTML, CSS, Graphic Design. 3 Years experience. $42,000 a year.
What do you do? How do you come up with for a bid? What is your ultimate time and cost estimate? What are your major concerns?
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