System requirements:

Upon logging into Moodle, the user will be able to select the plugin with one click. After entering the plugin page, there will be two options to continue: view records, or take attendance (if the user is a student, this step will be skipped and the student will only be able to view records). If avilabile, users viewing the page from a mobile device will be greeted with a moblie view of the plugin.

If the user chooses to enter attendance, the page will now ask the user if they are taking attendance for today, or to enter their own date (in case the professor forgot to take attendance in the past). After this, the user will be given a list of related courses and be asked to choose one. The user will now be shown a list of names and corisponding drop down menu for attendance status, one for each student in the class. All students will automatically be set to "present" at first. The user will then be able to click on the name of a student who is not present. The drop down menu will now give the option to list the student as "present", "absent", "excused", or "tardy". The user can at any time scroll to the bottom and choose "save attendance record". The fields for each student attendance status, along with the date and class, will then be saved in the database.

If the user chooses to view records, they will be asked for the date. After entering the date (in DD/MM/YYYY format), the user will then select a corisponding class. Once a class is chosen, the records will be gathered from the database and displayed just like in attendance taking mode. If the user is the professor of the class, they will have the option to change any of the attendance status' as if they were in attendance taking mode. There will also be a "save changes" option at the bottom of the page. If the user is anybody else, the status fields will be static and set to read-only. At the top of the page there will be an "export records" option. The user will then be asked if they would like to print the page, or save the data in the government-standard form.

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