Using CS Server

  • Login
  • Java compile - program name MUST be the same as the class name.
  • Java run
    java prog

Web Server

Using VNC (Remote Desktop)

  • Step 0: Log into and create a vncserver. This is an instance of a desktop you can remotely access.
    ( Only do this once, the server keeps running forever once created, unless you explicitly kill it)
    luke@luke-laptop:~$ vncserver
    password: (enter a vnc password, you make it up)
    verify: (enter again)
    You will be given a server number, remember this.

  • Step 1: Command to create a ssh tunnel on Linux. This is entered on your LOCAL linux system.
    (This must be done from remote computer each time you have a new internet connection)
    ssh -f -N -L 5903:localhost:5903 -p 22
    where "03" is replaces with your server number.
    You must use your password here

  • Step 2: Run "Remote Desktop Viewer" on Linux. Hit "connect". Connect to "localhost:5903", where 03 is your server number.
    You will be prompted for a VNC password, the one you entered in Step 0.
  • Step 3: You now should have a remote desktop. Use like a local one!

Killing a VNCserver

  • If you need to kill server (if it locks up)
  • Step 1: Logon to (see Step 0 above)
  • Step 2: Kill the server:
    vncserver -kill :3
    Where "3" is your server number
  • Step 3: you can now create a new server as expressed above.
    If you get a different server number, you will need a new tunnel also.

How to fix slow logins to unix:

  • In your "/etc/ssh/ssh_config" add line (or change) "GSSAPIAuthentication no"
    sudo emacs /etc/ssh/ssh_config
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