Computer Science Area of the Mathematics & Computer Science Department (MCS)

Computer Science Majors and Minor

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  • Dr. Robert Kasper, Professor Emeritus of Computer Science
  • Dr. Michael Robbeloth, Assistant Professor of Computer Science
  • Dr. Deborah Stoffer Wilson, Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Checklists for Academic Advising

Academic Advising

Special Events

Course Resources


  • CS Offices (LLRC 037): Faculty Offices and Conference Room
  • Advanced Lab (LLRC 036): used for classes and projects that involve computer networking and configuration of servers and devices
  • Data Center (LLRC 035, accessible via LLRC 036): Hosting modern Asus and Dell servers running type 1 VMware ESXi and Proxmox hypervisors for projects, practicums, and summer research
  • Main CS Lab (LLRC 038): Contains 32 Windows desktops used for classes involving programming and software development (always save data to OneDrive or USB media)
  • Additional Classroom (LLRC 039): Some CS courses are taught here on occasion (occasionally CS courses are scheduled in Regents or Campus Center)

Career, Job, and Internship Information

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; used for classes and projects that involve computer networking and configuration of servers and devices

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